Our Composite Panels are manufactured for us by A Steadman & Son, and can be used on the wall roof of your steel building and provide strength, durability and insulation.

These panels consist of two coated steel profiles that are sandwiched around a rigid thermal insulation core.

Composite Panels by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

Panels: Weather Sheet (Exterior Side) Dobel 200XT 200 micron PVC Plastisol A high performance pre-painted steel system on a hot dipped galvanised substrate. The outer face is finished with a leather-grain embossed PVC while the inner face is finished with a heat cured epoxy paint system

Liner Sheet (Interior Side) White lining enamel Single coat, 18 micron thick finish offers an easy to clean surface. Standard colour ‘bright white’.

Composite Panels by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
Composite Panels.

Composition AS35 insulated panels consist of a core of polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation sandwiched between a heavily profiled external weather sheet and an internal shallow profiled liner. The PIR insulation bonds to the steel sheets during the manufacturing process, together the insulation and steel form strong, rigid panels with good thermal performance.
PIR insulation AS35 panels are formed with PIR insulation which is laid down between the weather sheet and liner on the production line. The PIR expands to a high performance insulation core and bonds to the steel facings forming a strong rigid panel. The PIR is produced with a non-ozone depleting blowing agent.

PIR has a low thermal conductivity: for a given U-value panels with PIR cores will be thinner than those with mineral wool or EPS cores. PIR can withstand higher temperature than PUR and when in contact with fire forms a surface char which limits the spread of flame.

AS35 roof and wall panels are manufactured in a process certified to ISO 9001:2000.

AS35 roof and wall panels have been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and comply with the requirements of LPS 1181:2003. Part 1: Issue 1 - “Requirements and tests for built-up cladding and sandwich panel systems for use as the external envelope of buildings.

Steel Profiles

The standard external weather sheet is 0.5mm thick and the internal liner 0.4mm thick. The steel is either hot-dip galvanised to BS EN 10327:2004 or BS EN 10326:2004 or Aluzinc coated, then finished with a plastisol coating.

On one side of the panel (the ‘female’ side) the weather sheet extends beyond the insulation to permit lapping and is sealed with factory applied anti-condensation tape. Panels can be supplied with the insulation cut back at one end to enable the formation of end laps on wide span roofs.