At CustomFITT Steel Buildings, we offer a market leading design solution that has been tailored specifically for our industry. Our software is designed and maintained by CSLtd and is the most advanced available in the field. It allows us to design , depict, quote and order your building in minutes. It will give you piece of mind that your building will look exactly as you want it, and produces the drawings you need to submit for your planning application.
We Provide:

Everything you need to get your project off the ground.

  • Detailed drawings for planning permission
  • Structural calculations
  • Reports for building regulations
  • Layout and footing design diagrams
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Steel Building Design by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

All CustomFITT Steel Buildings are constructed using the ‘Portal Frame’ build method. This means that each building is made up of a series of bays, the more bays you have , the longer it will be.

This allows us to design a building that will exactly suit your requirements. Whether you need a high roof for storing large machines, a ‘lean to’ for segregated storage, an open ‘lean to’ for outside storage, garaports for weather protected loading and unloading, roller doors on each aspect, PA doors just about anywhere, skylights, interior partition walls, open bays, mezzanine floors, The list goes on!

The end result will be a building to be proud of that you had a hand in designing!

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What our design package will provide: Full colour drawings to really help you picture what your building will look like.

Steel Building Design by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

Detailed drawings for planning permission, and construction

Technical Drawings by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

Layout and footing design diagrams, including specific detail relating to the ground work and slab and pad requirements.

Technical Drawings by CustomFITT Steel Buildings