At CustomFITT Steel Buildings we know that if an Englishman’s home is not his castle, then his garage or his shed is. We can provide the ultimate in steel garages, steel workshops and steel sheds.
Double Garage by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsHome Workshop by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
Each building comes with a choice of roller doors, PA doors and windows, and all in a variety of coordinating colours to make your steel garage stand out from the rest. Including a Garaport on the side will also provide outdoor parking space whilst still being sheltered for the Great British weather.
Custom designed to meet your exact needs we can provide a solution to your requirements in one of the most cost effective ways in the UK today. Available in a variety of lengths, widths and heights, with a number of doors for multi vehicles and space for a workshop too!
Double Garage by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsHome Improvement by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

If you know the general size of your build, request your free quote and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation (usually within 72hrs), or contact our sales office on 01759 369953 for more information and to arrange a site visit.

A secure location for your car, bikes, tools and golf clubs in a cost effective and durable solution. Our Steel Garages, Sheds and Workshops are built using the Portal Frame build method and include the following features;
  • Buildings designed to exact measurements and requirements of the customer.

  • Using high tensile cold rolled steel ‘Portal Frame’ building method.

  • Order today and your building can be manufactured and delivered to you in as little as 4 weeks.

  • A range of single skin cladding panels and profiles to choose from to either make the building as individual as you are, or to blend with surrounding existing buildings.

  • Double skin composite panels (PIR fire rated) ranging from 40 to 100mm thick, in plastisol finish in a range of colours to suit any location

  • Gliderol roller doors can be positioned on each elevation of the building (within a bay on side elevation) to provide a single, double, treble or even larger garage!

  • PA Doors can be positioned on each elevation of the building to give easy access and emergency exits without the need to open the roller door(s).

  • Windows can be positioned on each elevation of the building, providing good interior light for work and internal use

  • Optional Dripstop Drain anti condensation barrier applied to the roof, particulary usefulwhen parking a warm engine on a cold day - stops all the condensation dripping on the paintwork.

  • Optional Skylights in the roof for good interior light.

  • Garaports to the front and/or back of the building to load or unload whilst sheltered from the elements.

For examples of some of our recent buildings, click here.