PA Doors. At CustomFITT Steel Buildings we can supply secure Fire rated emergency escape steel doors manufactured by A Steadman & Son to integrate into our range of steel cladding systems.

Paramount fire rated emergency escape steel door

Paramount Fire Rated Emergency Escape Doors comply with British standard BS EN 1634-1:2000. These doors have been tested, passed and certified by The Warrington Fire Global Safety Laboratory WF Report No.15280.

Fire rated emergency escape steel doors include two vertical steel reinforcements in the interior of the door to increase both strength & security and anti-jemmy studs fitted to the frame and door. These studs protrude and interlock when the door is closed. The frame of the doors have 6 jacking bolts enabling the installer to quickly fix the door and frame to the opening.

Paramount doors are subjected to 5 cleansing treatments before being powder coated and oven baked. The threshold and all fittings are stainless steel and comply with local authority directives for wheelchair users.

The doors are insulated with glass wool in accordance with British Standards directives BS EN1634-1:2000.

For the convenience of the installer, Paramount doors are supplied with an installation kit which includes bolts and drill bits to fix the frame to either concrete or steel.