At CustomFITT Steel Buildings, we can supply a wide variety of Gliderol Roller Doors that compliment our frame and cladding options. These doors can either be supplied with a manual chain opening mechanism, or Electrical Openers for an additional charge.

With a large choice of heights, widths and colours, we are sure we can find the right door to flatter your building


(1) Roller Door Curtain
Gliderol rollformed CORUS STEEL sheet is weather resistant and durable, able to withstand the harshest of conditions, providing industrial strength and quality.
(2) Spring Assistance
The Gliderol Roller Door with its spring assisted mechanism offers precise balance enabling the user efficient easy operation.
(3) Drum Wheel
This nylon drum wheel has been developed over time into a hard-wearing high performance component.
(4) PolyglideTM
Revolutionary new material developed by GliderolDoors specifically for Roller Door operation. Allows effortless operation, with minimum noise and friction.
(5) Weatherseal
Durable weatherseal prevents any undesirable material entering your building from the outside when the Gliderol Roller Door is closed.
(6) Bottom Rail
Aluminium in construction, this bottom rail has been specifically designed to reinforce your Roller Door against intruder penetration.
(7) Door Stop/Roller
Designed specially to reduce friction and to assist in ease of operation when opening and closing.
(8) Direct Chain Wheel
Constructed of glass-reinforced nylon, providing the user with smooth, efficient lifting assistance.
(9) Chain Guide
Prevents the chain from slipping or releasing from chain wheel, ensures that safety is maintained at all times.

Unprecedented in Construction and Design in terms of technical excellence and superior design, the Gliderol lndustrial RolaDoor is unsurpassed in the manufacturing industry. The Gliderol Roller Door will undoubtedly add style and character to any building.