Our Single Skin panels are manufactured for us by A Steadman & Son, and consist of coated steel sheets that are rolled to form their profile.

These panels provide s a swift and effective weather proof building envelope for the CustomFITT Steel Buildings portal frame.

AS single skin roof and wall profiles are manufactured in process certified to ISO 9001:2000

The condensate can drip from the roof, wetting the building’s fittings and/or contents, or may run down the roof and collect elsewhere within the building fabric where it can cause rust, rot or damage to fittings

(Dripstop Drain is intended for roofs of 7° pitch or greater: the drainage rate is greater on steeper pitches.)

Steel Profiles. Standard external weather sheets are available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm thicknesses.

The steel used in the AS series roof and wall profiles is hot-dip galvanised to BS EN 10142:2000, BS EN 10147:2000 or Aluzinc coated, then finished with either a Plastisol or Polyester coating.

Weather sheets are available in a number of different profiles, many with matching roof and wall profiles.

Platisol Dobel 200XT 200 micron PVC Plastisol A high performance pre-painted steel system on a hot dipped galvanised substrate. The outer face is finished with a leather-grain embossed PVC while the inner face is finished with a heat cured epoxy paint system.
PolyesterPolyester A polyester coating with a medium term life.
Dripstop Drain Dripstop Drain is a self-adhesive polyester condensation control fleece designed to reduce risk of damage from dripping or running condensate on single-skin metal roofs.

Uninsulated roofs with single-skin metal sheeting can suffer from condensation when the sheeting is cooled during the winter, or on cold clear nights. When warm air within the building (from livestock or machine engines) cools on contact with the metal sheeting and causes condensation

Dripstop Drain helps prevent damage from condensation by:

  • Slowing the formation of condensate by insulating the sheeting;

  • Preventing condensate dripping from the underside of the roof;

  • Drains condensate safely down the slope of the roof to a gutter.