Portal Frame Build Method.All CustomFITT Steel Buildings are constructed using the ‘Portal Frame’ build method,
This means that each building is made up of a series of bays so the more bays you have , the longer it will be.
Each bay consists of two Portal sections, each section is made of two columns and two rafters that are connected by brackets. These frames are then attached to each other using purlins. The only real limitation to the length of building you can have is the size of the plot you are building on!

Steel Building Frame by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

Buildings constructed in this way are strong durable, inexpensive and quick to erect, offering

Best Value
Best Quality
Best Design
Cold Rolled Steel All CustomFITT Steel Buildings are constructed using cold rolled steel. Compared to the more traditional ‘hot-rolled’ steel, cold rolled is incredibly strong and durable but much lighter. Combine this with the portal build method and you will have a system that allows relatively small sections to span large distances. The benefits of this?

  • Cuts the cost of materials due to the weight reduction
  • Materials can be packed into tight bundles reducing transport costs (and your carbon footprint!)
  • Cut by manufacturer to exact size and pre punched with fixing holes, eliminating time and expense cutting and drilling on site
  • Reduced construction time which means reduced construction costs

Steel Building Frame by CustomFITT Steel Buildings

The outcome is a building that is very strong, very durable, conforming with exacting British Standards as well as being easy on the eye and pocket.

Cladding Panels and Doors At CustomFITT, we understand that your building requirements may differ greatly, depending on the use of the building. Our cladding products are manufactured by A Steadman & Son, Cumbria, and are second to none for cutting edge innovation, quality and style.

With the depth of choice available, we are sure we can find the right solution for you – just try us!

Composite Panels by CustomFITT Steel Buildings Composite PanelsInsultated panels consisting of a core of PIR rigid insulation sandwiched between a heavily profiled external weather sheet and internal liner.

CustomFITT Composite Panels

Steel Cladding by CustomFITT Steel Buildings Single Skin panelsHot dipped galvanised steel sheets with a range of different profiles and available in assorted colours in Plastisol or Polyester coating.

CustomFITT Single Skin Panels

Industrial Doors by CustomFITT Steel Buildings Roller DoorsA wide range of Gliderol roller doors available in variety of sizes and colours to perfectly compliment your building.

CustomFITT Roller Doors

Industrial Doors by CustomFITT Steel Buildings PA Doors Fire rated emergency escape steel doors to allow personal access to your building without having to use the roller door.

CustomFITT PA Doors