Farm Building, West Yorkshire Our customer approached us to see if we could help with a building to store his tractor and other agricultural machinery for his farm.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings The location was within an area of outstanding natural beauty and as such the planning restrictions were very stringent and he needed support with his planning application.

Our wide range of styles and colours meant we could tailor the building to the exact requirements of the planning authority, and after a number of different designs and conversations with his planning officer an agreement was reached.

We provided him with detailed drawings and material samples of the building that helped him gain his planning consent.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsDuring the design of this building, it was important to understand the location and topography as the site was high in the Yorkshire Dales and would be susceptible to particularly high winds.

Our innovative software took into account the wind zone, snow loads and site altitude to calculate the exact steel requirements to ensure that this building will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions and still be there for many years to come.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsOne of the conditions of the planning was that the building was surrounded by a dry stone wall so that it would be in keeping with the stunning landscape.

The building footings were isolated pads and their proximity to the walls may have presented a problem for some building types.

Our build method allowed us to fully construct and clad the back wall whilst on the floor and then place in situ without any issue.

This meant the stone wall could be constructed at the same time as the footings pads were installed, saving our client time and money.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings Due to the enclosed nature of the site, the building had to be tailored to Mr. B’s exact requirements, including the size and position of the door.

Our brief was to provide a building big enough to fit all the machinery he wanted, yet small enough to fit in between the existing walls and satisfy the planning conditions.

Using our cold rolled steel portal frame build system we were able to manufacture a building that was inch perfect and blended beautifully with the surrounding Dales.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“I am really very pleased with the shed and would recommend the CustomFITT team to anyone. Once we managed to get the planning consent passed they made the rest easy. The shed went up in no time and looks great. Thank you very much for the service from start to finish.”
Mr. D.B, West Yorkshire,
April 2011
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