Boat House, North Lincolnshire Glanford and Scunthorpe Canoe Club is a well established club on the banks of the River Ancholme in Brigg, North Lincolnshire and required a new building to use as a boat house for their canoes and a hub for the ever popular club.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsAs this building was to be erected on the banks of a river, part of the requirements for Building Regulations required the columns to be set into the concrete base as opposed to our normal fixing method of pinning to the base.

This involved the excavation of the slab area and the pad footings for each of the columns so that the floor could be poured once the building had been erected.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe clients had a very specific idea of the layout of this building and the American barn design met their requirements. The American Barn design consists of the main building with a wing on either side thus giving it its distinctive shape.

This shape gave the client has the floor space required for their racks of canoes without the height that was only required in the mid section.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsIn this particular building the side walls through to the wings were left open to allow an open plan floor space. Skylights in the main roof run ridge to eave and allow plenty of natural light into the whole building.

The single skin roof panels are coated with an anti drip condensation fleece that prevents any condensation dripping onto the contents below. The moisture runs through the fibres in the fleece and drains away in the gutter.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsPart of the design of this building included a segregated area in one of the wings to use as a meeting room for the canoe club committee.

This was achieved by installing a partition wall along the centre of the wing and cladding the wall of the main building to the gable. The internal walls were completed with coordinating flashings and access gained from a separate outside door.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe Cold Rolled steel used in the manufacture of the frames of our buildings is high tensile steel making the components incredibly strong and allows relatively short sections to span large distances. All the components are fully galvanised meaning the maintenance on this building will be virtually nil for many years to come.

The bracketry used is folded (as opposed to a flat style used in some cold rolled buildings) and coupled with the bracketed knee braces produce an extremely strong frame, able to support the building through the harshest of weather conditions.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe boat house is situated next to the Ancholme Leisure Centre and as such the Planning Authorities wanted to see the best possible colour match to the existing building.

The cladding used was Willow colour with Poppy Red flashings and rainwater goods giving an excellent colour match to the established building and blending into the site perfectly.

To provide an attractive contrast, the roller doors and PA doors are in Goosewing Grey as opposed to the harsh galvanised steel exterior.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsWe were delighted to be invited to the inaugural opening of the boat house, attended by club members, representatives from Canoe England & Sport England and even the Mayor.

The feedback regarding the building was very positive and we hope that it is used and enjoyed for many years to come.
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsBoat House by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
Boat House by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
"We decided many years ago to use this area as a home for our club and for years we wasted time travelling backwards and forwards with trailers to carry all the kit. We decided to try and get a building to use as our 'base camp' and were fortunate enough to be awarded grants from North Lincolnshire County Council and Canoe England.

Now the building is's absolutely fantastic. We are really chuffed with the friendliness, helpfulness and all the support you have given us in making this finally happen.

I am gobsmacked with the space it has given us. We have 100 canoes, 3 trailers and all the equipment that goes with each and we have room to store it all!"
Mr. T Pell, Glanford and Scunthorpe canoe Club, North Lincolnshire,
May 2012
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