Locomotive Workshop, Northumberland Woodhorn Colliery Museum, first opened in 1989, is the only coal mining museum in Northumberland. Running alongside the museum is a narrow gauge railway that needed a cost effective shed in which to house and maintain its locomotives.
Locomotive Shed by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe building was required to be a very specific size due to planning restrictions on height, but also so that the loco and carriages would fit under a roller door.

Once the carriage was in, enough space was required around the building in which to work, but we also needed to consider the neighbouring track and not be too wide to obstruct the trains from passing by.

One of the main benefits of cold rolled steel construction is that we can manufacture our buildings to any size down to the last centimetre. Consequently providing a building to the exact measurements that provided the best fit was no problem at all.
Locomotive Shed by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsFamous for its red squirrels that live in the wooded areas behind the railway sidings, the planning authorities were particularly keen that any new building would blend as best it could with the surrounding greenery.

After a few discussions and inspection of samples, Olive Green plastisol coated steel cladding was chosen.
Locomotive Shed by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsSkylights and an Anti Drip Condensation barrier applied to the roof sheets ensure the building is light and dry on the inside and the fully galvanised frame and cladding mean that there will be almost zero maintenance for many years to come.

Due to the nature and use of this building the tracks prevented a full concrete slab from being laid. In this instance the columns were anchored to isolated pads.
Locomotive Shed by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe roller door was finished with decorative corners. Not only does this provide a very attractive finish to the door opening, but also allowed us to get the highest possible clearance whilst keeping the building height within the parameters discussed with the planning authority.
Locomotive Shed by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“We are very happy with the building and it blends in perfectly with the trees behind it, so much so that our planning officer didn’t even notice it when he drove in! It went up in great time with no fuss and really does the job. Great price and great service we were certainly glad James and his team were recommended to us, we would certainly recommend them!”
Mr S. Lawler, Woodhorn Colliery Narrow Gauge Railway, Northumberland,
June 2012
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