Rural Storage Unit, North Yorkshire The Yorkshire Gun Room in North Yorkshire required a building to store machinery and equipment used to maintain the grounds and clay shooting traps at their site near Ripon.
Rural Storage Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsIn the construction of the our building frames we use cold rolled steel that is high tensile making the components incredibly strong and allows relatively short sections to span large distances.

All the frame components are fully galvanised and the cladding sheets are hot dipped galvanised, meaning the maintenance on this building will be virtually nil for many years to come.

The bracketry used is folded (as opposed to a flat style used in some cold rolled buildings) and coupled with the bracketed knee braces produce an extremely strong frame, able to support the building through the harshest of weather conditions.
Rural Storage Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsSkylights installed in the roof run from the ridge to the eave and let in a great deal of natural light, reducing the cost for electric lighting.

TThe underside of the roof sheets are also lined with an Anti Drip condensation fleece so any condensation that does form will flow down the fibres of the fleece and into the gutter and not drip on the contents below.
Rural Storage Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsAs with any of our building designs we can include windows if they are required.

The window for our customer in this case was requested to be at a particular height so that the remote clay traps in the wood below can be switched on and off from the building.
Rural Storage Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe building is clad with a single skin steel profiled sheet, coated in Olive Green plastisol for the walls and roof with a life expectancy of 30 years before needing any maintenance.

With the installation of the roller door, access door and the finishing touches of the colour coordinating guttering, downpipes and flashings the building is ready for use.
Rural Storage Unit by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“Everything was excellent. Very pleased with the building.”
Mr. J. Lupton, Yorkshire Gun Room, North Yorkshire,
July 2012
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