Industrial Storage, East Yorkshire (Part 2) Florida Marquees (Yorkshire) Ltd. are located in Driffield, East Yorkshire and added a brand new warehouse to their premises to resolve their storage problems.
Industrial Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsAs our buildings are constructed using cold rolled steel, one of the main benefits is that the components required for the frame are able to pack tightly together meaning storage and transport is much easier and cheaper.

This building measures 15m x 17.5m x 4.5m and all the frame components (and cladding and doors) can arrive in one delivery. The steel is delivered tightly bound meaning the entire frame of a 2800sqft warehouse will arrive on a small number of pallets.
Industrial Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThis building used composite (insulated) cladding to keep its contents warm & dry.

Composite cladding is available in varying thicknesses providing varying U values of thermal performance. It is manufactured by sandwiching a rigid insulated core between a heavily profiled plastisol coated steel external weather sheet and much lighter profiled polyester coated steel internal sheet.

The result is an incredibly strong panel that offers great thermal performance, looks clean and attractive from both sides and is much easier to install than the ‘twin skin’ system.
Industrial Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsOn 3 of the walls and roof we used 40mm composite panels. The back gable wall used 60mm Fire rated panels as part of the local authority Fire Safety requirements due to the proximity to the boundary of the neighbouring plot.

Additionally, the skylights used in this building are also insulated so as not to lose any of the thermal performance from the roof. As our skylights run all the way from the ridge to the eave they let in great amount of natural light – keeping the cost of lighting the building down!
Industrial Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsTo coordinate with the existing buildings, the walls were finished in plastisol coated Goosewing Grey, roof in a slightly darker Merlin Grey and the doors, trims, flashings and rainwater goods in black to provide a striking and aesthetically pleasing contrast.
Industrial Unit by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
““I am extremely happy with the building. The cold rolled steel system has transformed the speed that the buildings are erected and then the lack of maintenance required. The all round quality of the building is way ahead of what we’ve experienced in the past.”
Mr. A. Newton, Florida Marquees (Yorkshire) Ltd, East Yorkshire,
Sept 2012
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