Industrial Waste Storage, Cornwall Nationwide Ltd. manage the activities at a landfill site in Cornwall and needed a quick, cost effective and durable solution to a particular storage issue.
Industrial Waste Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThis large landfill site is used to dispose of clinical waste from local hospitals and clinics.

This very particular type of waste needs to be kept away from the normal household waste that arrives at the site to avoid contamination. Consequently a separate building was required in order to hold the waste in order for it to be processed.

The design requirements for this building were quite specific, most notably a monopitch (single slope) roof.
Industrial Waste Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsIn the construction of the our building frames we use cold rolled steel that is high tensile making the components incredibly strong. All the frame components are fully galvanised and the cladding sheets are hot dipped galvanised, meaning the maintenance on this building will be virtually nil for many years to come.

The bracketry used is folded (as opposed to a flat style used in some cold rolled buildings) producing an extremely strong frame, able to support the building through the harshest of weather conditions.
Industrial Waste Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsFinished in a single skin steel plastisol coated cladding, the colour Mushroom helped blend the building with china clay ground conditions of the site.

The underside of the roof sheets are lined with an Anti Drip condensation fleece so if condensation does form it will flow down the fibres of the fleece and into the gutter and not drip on the contents below.

The plastisol coating on the exterior of the wall and roof cladding offers a durable and attractive finish to the building with a life expectancy until it would need repainting of around 30 years.
Industrial Waste Unit by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe monopitch design is an attractive and functional feature of this particular building, with the low side finished with colour coordinated plastisol coated steel gutter and downpipe.

The structural opening allows the operatives easy access to the 'bins' but was constructed with steel jambs and header should a door be required at a later date.
Industrial Waste Unit by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
"Thank you. Everybody is impressed at how you have gone about all aspects of this contract and a good finished product."
Mr. J. Hennessey, Nationwide Limited, Cornwall,
Oct 2012
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