Warehouse, West Yorkshire Due to their rapidly expanding business, a West Yorkshire firm approached us in need of a new Warehouse. The building required a number a key elements to satisfy the relevant authorities and working together we provided a building that met all their needs.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe location of this building led to a number of specific requirements from the planning authority.

The roof had to be a higher pitch than normal to blend with the surrounding buildings.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe size had to be very specific in order to give the customer his desired floor space but not encroach on the plot boundaries, the mix of colours of the cladding had to be chosen very carefully and finally the roller door had to be in a specific point to allow access past a number of fixed obstacles on the approach to the building.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsAdditionally, the Boundary Fire Regulations meant that the side and back all of the building had to be cladded in a PIR Fire tested composite panel.

Using our cold rolled, portal frame construction method we were able to design and construct a building that made the best possible use of the space available on site.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsCold rolled framing allowed the roller door to be positioned that would allow the best access and our selection of plastisol coated steel cladding meant we could get the right colour match.

Finally, our 60mm ‘Fire Fighter’ composite panel met all the relevant fire testing regulations.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“Very pleased with the building. Having not seen this method before I was impressed by the speed it went up and the overall quality. Many thanks and I would definitely recommend your products and service.”
Mr. D, West Yorkshire,
October 2010
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