Agricultural Building, East Yorkshire A large, secure tractor shed for storing many types of agricultural machinery was required for a farm in East Yorkshire.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsOur customer already had a number of traditional ‘hot rolled’ buildings in his yard, but was to keen to enjoy the savings and the diversity offered by our range of cold rolled portal frame buildings.

The building was required to fit into an existing space, using this space as efficiently as possible.

Our cold rolled build method allowed us to design the building to the customer’s exact requirements and as such was inch perfect on site.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsA full set of scale drawings of the building were drawn up in order to support the planning application, and after a number of conversation with the planning officer, consent was granted.

The customer required two particular features of his building. The first was that the roller door should not be central to the gable, but offset in order to utilise the space inside the best way possible.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsSecondly, he needed a covered area on the outside of the building that offered storage out of the rain but easily accessible.

Later plans would turn this part of the structure into an office area. In this instance we were able to offer a lean to as the perfect solution, providing a temporary covered store and subsequently an office once the side walls had been constructed using Yorkshire Stone.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsOnce the building was up it offered all the space that was required and was well illuminated thanks to the ‘ridge to eave’ skylights installed in the roof.

The farm now has a safe and secure hold for all the agricultural machinery and will be there for many years to come.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“I’m very impressed with the quality of this building bearing in mind the price. We have always had traditional hot rolled buildings but this one has proved you don’t need to go to that expense. It went up quicker, cost us less and does the job a treat – I’d definitely have one again. A grand job, many thanks”
Mr C.M, East Yorkshire
July 2010
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