Electricity Sub Station, South Yorkshire We were asked to supply and erect a building with a very particular set of conditions.
Case Study Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThe building for this project was in a generator compound in South Yorkshire.

This compound comprised of 8 huge generators that were poised ready to top up the national grid if there was a sudden surge of demand for electricity.

The building we were asked to replace was old and fragile and housed the control switches for the generators which meant they could not be turned off, exposed to the weather or moved.
Case Study Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsWorking together with Powersystems principal contractors, WCD Ltd, we designed our plan to erect our building over the top of the existing building.

The footings were prepared according to our detailed measurements and the frame was erected.

Special attention was required so a) no additional loadings were placed on the fragile existing building during the construction process and b) access was still available to the building for the entire duration of the build.
Case Study Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsWe were then able to completely clad the walls and roof and fit the doors whilst the original building was still in situ. The building required a number of features to ensure it was fit for the purpose intended namely:

  • composite cladding on the roof to ensure there was no condensation to drip on the electrical equipment,
  • air vents around the building to ensure a flow of cool air to prevent any of the equipment getting too warm,
  • custom made steel doors that were 2.7m in height to allow the moving of the large heavy electrical apparatus in and out of the building.
Case Study Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings The finishing touches were added with the flashings, gutters and downpipes.

During the short period it took to erect the building at no point did the equipment inside the building have to be turned off ensuring the compound was fully active with no down time saving the client any additional expenses.

Once our building was finished the existing building could then be taken down from the inside ensuring all the delicate precision equipment was protected from the great British weather.
Case Study Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“The communication around this project has been exceptional. The crew have worked quickly, quietly and very efficiently. Due to the nature of the project we had to make some decisions at the very last minute whilst the crew where on site erecting the building. Nothing was too much trouble and the building was finished in very quick time. The overall quality of the building is tremendous and all in all an excellent job, many thanks.”
Mr. T.M - Powersystems, South Yorkshire,
June 2011
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