Garage & General Store, North Yorkshire The winter of early 2011 gave a few headaches to many, including this customer whose old building could not stand the weight of the snow.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsRay Owen Waste Disposal is located in North Yorkshire and had a building suffer under the heavy snow during one of the worst winters in recent years.

The old storage shed was a combination of wood and steel and suffered a complete collapse along the rear corner, weakening the rest of the structure.

Mr. Owen asked us to replace the damaged shed with a brand new purpose made garage and general storage building.

Our cold rolled steel frame buildings are engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions, including up to 0.6KN/m2 snow load - approximately 60kg of snow per square metre of roof cover.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsThis building was tied in with another undamaged building and Mr. Owen asked us if we could erect the new building and similarly tie it in with the existing workshop.

The damaged structure was emptied, demolished and removed in order for the footings for the new building to be installed.

The footings were built up at the lower end to give a level base for the building to stand on.

Our buildings pin down to the base so all the groundworks required could be fully completed before we arrived on site.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsGiven the slope and the ground conditions this made this process much easier than may have been for a more traditional hot rolled frame.

The existing building had a non symmetrical roof pitch, meaning that the ridge line was not quite central to the gable.

With careful measuring during our site survey we were able to ascertain the correct eave height and roof pitch required to neatly encompass the existing roofline into the gable of our design.

The flexibility of the design characteristics of a cold rolled frame building meant we could fabricate the building to the exact height necessary to achieve the look and functionality Mr. Owen wanted.
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsOnce the sizes had been confirmed we could look at the features that would make this building meet all of our customers requirements. These included:

  • 40mm composite (insulated) cladding to keep the chill out in winter, cooler in summer and completely condensation free
  • Terracotta coloured roof cladding and Goosewing Grey coloured wall cladding to coordinate with other buildings within the complex.
  • 2 electrically operated roller shutter doors for ease of use
  • Skylights for plenty of natural light
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel BuildingsTestimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
Testimonial one Building by CustomFITT Steel Buildings
“Excellent price and excellent service and excellent quality. A first class job and will definitely use the James and the CustomFITT team again”
Mr. R. Owen
September 2011
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